4 Cleveland Cavaliers who’ve likely played last game for team

Cleveland Cavaliers Delly
Cleveland Cavaliers Delly /
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Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers Delly /

3. Delly

It was great to have him back, but like Thompson, Delly will be an unrestricted free agent and it doesn’t seem likely the Cavs will bring him back.

Delly’s a six-year vet who can call himself an NBA champ as  part of the 2016 squad, and while he conjures up great memories, it was really hard to watch him at times this year.

Delly was shooting an ugly 23 percent from 3-point range. That said, there were a lot of times it was easier to watch him log minutes in the backcourt when either Sexton or Gardland were on the bench. Delly wasn’t looking to fill up his scoring column, and having in a veteran in there proved to be a big difference for the offense.

Where Delly goes from here remains unclear, but it’s been one heck of a run. He worked his way onto the Cavs by way of a legendary work ethic, then he got to hang around and contribute on the aforementioned title run.

His legend grew as he once pounded coffee ahead of a Finals game in 2015, and one’s things for sure: He’ll never have to buy a cup of joe for the rest of his life in northeast Ohio.