Cleveland Browns 2020 mock draft: Flurry of trades net two 1st-rounders

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /
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QB. Los Angeles Chargers. Tua Tagovailoa. 6. player. 13.

The Chargers here snag Tua, despite lots of smoke flying around that they are somehow thrilled with Tyrod Taylor. While he’s not bad, he’s not a guy who will win a lot games or someone to thrill a fanbase. Tua, can be all of that, and a face for the fans in LA. Do the medicals check out? If not, he can be in for a pretty steep fall, with maybe the Raiders as a safety net.

7. player. 87. . LB. Carolina Panthers. Isaiah Simmons

For the Panthers and Matt Rhule, this is a no brainer, if he’s gone, maybe a tackle or Okudah, but it would be tough for Carolina coming off the retirement of Luke Kuechly to pass up a versatile play maker to feature in their defense.

8. player. 32. . T/G. Arizona Cardinals. Tristan Wirfs

Wirfs would start out at right tackle for the Cards, but worst case would kick inside to right guard, with a good chance to maybe play left tackle. In any case, this is essential for Arizona and protecting Kyler Murray, don’t forget the value of a guard with a shorter quarterback as well. Some buzz of defense or even still a reciever, but I wouldn’t be able to pass on Wirfs.

Andrew Thomas. 9. player. 30. . LT. New York Jets

TRADE: The Jets jump ahead of the Browns for a true, safe left tackle prospect. The ceiling may be lower with him, but the floor is super high, and don’t discount with the assumption of a shorter offseason the value of a guy who is ready to play right now. The Jets give up pick 68 to move up two spots from No. 11.

Denver Broncos. Henry Ruggs. 10. player. 45. . WR

TRADE: It’s been rumored, and it happens. Denver and the Browns make a deal, as John Elway gives up pick pick 15, 46 and a 2021 4th to move up to 10, and secure their top receiver.