NFL Draft: Final day grades for the 2020 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns NFL Draft (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns NFL Draft (Photo by NFL via Getty Images) /
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The NFL Draft is over but which teams nailed it on the last day? Let’s take a look at how the teams did with the final day of picks and see their grades

It’s going to be hard to evaluate the later picks. Mostly, it’s going to be about how a team did filling positions and holes. That’s the real aggregator, did the team acknowledge and fill positions of need? While it’s always great to get the best player available, it’s pretty obvious if you have a hole on the offensive line, maybe you don’t take fourteen running backs. That just seems like a bad move.

Unlike in previous nights, there were no real meme-worthy moments today. The NFL Draft process itself was surprisingly more focused on irrelevant conversations with coaches who weren’t even drafting anymore and musical interludes from performers most people have never heard of. Gone were the up-to-date announcements of players being drafted and by the mid-way point the broadcast stopped using the chime when a player was selected regularly.

Often times a player would go and it wouldn’t be another three minutes before people even realized.

Honestly, the Draft needs to be reworked. Time limits should be shortened across the board for each round. The first and second should be smushed into one night, while the second, third, and fourth should be on another, and then the final three can be on the last day. Having to do this for seven hours in one day is insanity and counterproductive.

It should be noted, one last time, these are only the grades for the last day of the draft. Teams total grades are dropping tomorrow. That’s when you can see who truly pooched the draft and who really rocked it.

Yet, here we are, the marathon is over. Now let’s look at the spoils.