2020 NFL Draft: Why are Cleveland Browns allergic to drafting Ohio State talent?

Cleveland Browns Malik Harrison (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Malik Harrison (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns stuck their noses up at the prospects being sent into the NFL from Ohio State, and its a question that needs addressed.

Well the draft is over and the Cleveland Browns made some good choices, but as usual, it will take some time to figure out if these new prospects are suited to the team and the league?

Jedrick Wills was a must have for the sake of keeping Baker Mayfield upright this season, and hopefully, many more to come.

Wills may not be Joe Thomas, but thank God he isn’t Gregg Robinson!

Then if new safety Grant Delpit is healed and at full strength, maybe he can get back to his performance of 2018, he’ll be a big addition to the team going forward.

He knew he was irreplaceable on the LSU defense and without him and even with ex-Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow, the Tigers may not have done what they did last season.

I think they could have done better at their choice for a linebacker, although they may be OK with their choice, only time will tell. Jacob Phillips played at the highest of levels, however, it was the player taken after him that will have many Buckeye-Browns fans peaved.

The Ravens picked Malik Harrision after the Browns picked Phillips. There’s no doubt, the two linebackers will be compared for the rest of their careers as AFC North rivals.

Andrew Berry also needed backups for the for the defensive line and a receiver or two. The choice for Donovan Peoples-Jones from That School Up North– we weren’t allowed to say the M word at home–was a surprise, but a good one.

It’s worth noting K.J. Hill was still on the board when Berry made this pick.

But since we’re talking about the school up North let’s get into the problem I’ve had with the Browns and their drafts for past several years.

The lack of talent take from Ohio State boggles the mind.

Ohio State is a powerhouse, yet there is one on the roster drafted by the recent regime! Denzel Ward was a John Dorsey pick. Paul DePodesta, the chief strategizer, seems to be allergic to Buckeyes. Heck, even back in 2016 when the Browns had 14 picks, the DePo-Sashi Brown partnership harvested no talent from the Buckeye Grove.

Yet, the Ohio State machine churns, turning out more players that other teams find worthy! There was a lot of evidence as to just how good this year’s crop of Buckeyes is, when the first three players taken in the draft were all on Ohio State’s roster at one point.

It has to make you wonder what their reasoning is behind it is. It wasn’t just DePo. Buckeyes have long gone on to other teams and enjoyed great success.

It can’t be the coaching, as the last two coaches are Urban Meyer and Ryan Day and these gentlemen were/are wo of the best in the business and have had the teams in the playoffs many times.

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I feel I wont get an answer for this question and I dare not speculate! Have you got a guess or an answer?