Cleveland Browns: 4 expectations for Baker Mayfield in 2020

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Four expectations for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mafield, as the former Heisman winner enters a pivotal year in his pro career.

Cleveland Browns signal caller Baker Mayfield enters a pivotal year in 2020, as the pressure is on former No. 1 overall pick to prove he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.

Despite a rough sophomore season, the Browns have upgraded the talent around Mayfield, while surrounding him with a head coach many are feeling good about heading into the new season.

Here’s what Browns fans SHOULD expect from their quarterback in 2020.

1. 10 interceptions

The great ones just don’t turn the ball over and that’s going to be the big thing to watch with Mayfield. Tom Brady threw eight last year, Mahomes threw five. Lamar Jackson threw five, while Drew Brees tossed just four in 11 games.

You get the idea.  Unfortunately, Baker was trending in the other direction. He threw 21 picks in year two (second most in the NFL) after throwing 14 interceptions in 14 games as a rookie.

The expectation is that the Browns will run a more disciplined, pro-style offense under Kevin Stefanski, which should alleviate Mayfield’s turnovers woes.

Mayfield’s got to reign in the interception total, and under Stefanski, he should be able to do it. The Browns figure to lean heavily on the run, while–I think–we’ll see shorter passing routes, setting up Mayfield for more high-percentage throws.