Cleveland Browns: 4 expectations for Baker Mayfield in 2020

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Getty Images) /
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4. 9 Wins

Count me as a member of the camp who believes wins should matter when it comes to evaluating the career of a quarterback.

There’s a reason quarterbacks make the big money and that’s because the great ones figure out a way to get it done. That’s not to diminish the team effort it takes to win, but we’ve seen it for years: Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Bernie Kosar…these are just a few gentlemen who saw the talent around them rise to the occasion.

Greatness can bring out the greatness in others…and in Cleveland, well if there’s one thing we’re experts in, it’s knowing what a great quarterback doesn’t look like.

Mayfield is the most compelling player storyline heading into this season because the narrative around his career has changed. He’s built himself up as a person who carries a massive chip on his shoulder. We all know his college story. He was passed over at Texas Teach. Had to walk on at Oklahoma. There were doubts about him as the No. 1 pick.

Well, when everyone started jumping on the wagon and Tom Brady was handing him a fist full of rings on TV, Mayfield looked like the next big thing. He was the underdog no more…but then he crashed back to earth as the hype proved to be just that.

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Mayfield has weapons on offense. The offensive line was dramatically upgraded. The defense has holes, particularly at linebacker, but no team is perfect. If this team doesn’t win nine, it will be a disappointment.