Cleveland Browns: 4 expectations for Odell Beckham in 2020

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

Four expectations for Odell Beckham during the 2020 season as the wide receiver enters his second season with the Cleveland Browns.

Despite all of the trade rumors, Odell Beckham Jr. is still a member of the Cleveland Browns.

His first season resembled the team effort by his new team, as Cleveland was often clunky as it failed to live up to preseason expectations.

However, with a new coach in the mix, we can expect these four thinks from OBJ in 2020.

1. 1,200 yards

Considering Beckham had 1,035 receiving yards during a clunky first season in a Browns uniform, it’s not all that crazy to believe the former Giant can surpass the 1,200-yard mark.

In his first three years with New York, Beckham recorded receiving totals of 1,305, 1,450, and 1,367.

Before coming to the Browns, he totaled 1,052 yards in just 13 games.

With Kevin Stefanski now in control of Cleveland’s offense, the team should run a more “professional looking offense.” “Going deep” won’t have to be the only route Beckham runs, as the offensive oriented head coach should be able to get him the ball via different routes.

2. Play in all 16 games

In six professional season, Beckham’s never played back-to-back seasons in which he appeared in all 16 games. The 2019 campaign marked the first time he appeared in every game since 2016.

Why can he do it? He battled through a sports hernia that he claims kept him from being 100 percent a season ago. That he still was out there, says…I’m not sure how much…but it says something. Everyone would’ve chalked it up to “Odell being Odell” if he had sit out what was a lost season, so it’s fair to give him credit where credit is due.

Plus, if you believe the hype Beckham is showering us all with from his socials, we’re to believe he’s in the best shape he’s been in for some time. If that’s the case, he can make it through every game.

3. He will not be traded

It seems like there hasn’t been an OBJ trade rumor for a couple weeks? Where did all the “Insiders” and the sources go? Apparently, we’re so starved for news some of us have gone on to entrusting Reddit users, based of this crazy rumor...however, I digress.

Jimmy Haslam’s post season press conference told me everything I need to know about where Beckham stands with this team. If you’ll recall, Haslam, who had just fired Freddie Kitchens, listed OBJ as one of the key pieces of the team moving forward.

Plus, I think the owner liked having Beckham aboard. Just think back to last Training Camp and the zoo that it was having Odell Beckham Jr. on the roster. The Browns were making headlines for things besides losing.

You better believe the owner liked this, and despite a so-so season from Beckham in 2019, the potential is there for him to rebound spectacularly if Stefanski gets the offense rolling.

4. More touchdowns

Beckham had four touchdowns last season, which was a big disappointment to fans who thought he was going to shatter the single-season record held by Braylon Edwards (16 in 2007).

At this point, it’d be surprising if OBJ even sniffs double-digit totals. It may seem like a slight toward the veteran, but it isn’t. Rather, the talent surrounding Beckham simply may limit his chances in the red zone.

There’s only one ball and Stefanski has Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper, David Njoku and Rashard Higgins. The point is the Browns don’t have to zero in and force the ball to OBJ, which is what seemed like Kitchens was doing lat season.

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He should get more than four, although I think nine is a fair guess.