Cleveland Browns: Signing Jason Peters seems even less likely now

Cleveland Browns Jason Peters (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jason Peters (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Based off what the Cleveland Browns are saying, go ahead and say good bye to the Jason Peters talk, as Jedrick Wills should be the Week 1 starter.

As the Cleveland Browns make the final tweaks to their roster ahead of their virtual offseason, there’s a sect that believes adding veteran left tackle Jason Peters would be an optimal decision.

Peters could start at left tackle, while newly drafted lineman Jedrick Wills could take on the role of right guard. Considering Wills has been left without a chance to learn in rookie camp and minicamp, it’s not a bad idea.

However, there seems to be no interest on the Browns part in Peters now after hearing offensive line coach Bill Callahan speak about Wills.

The rookie has been virtually meeting with Callahan, and the veteran coach couldn’t stop gushing about the Alabama product.

"“Wills has been ‘a sponge of information,’ Callahan said, via ‘He has absorbed all the content that you can give him and he wants more. I am really excited about him. I am eager to at some point get on the field with him.’"

Wills attitude thus far has has been beyond positive. Based off what we’ve all heard, he’s embraced the change. Some players may publicly challenge their team, perhaps privately, as to why they’d be switched from the spot they excelled at in college.

That doesn’t seem to be the case with Wills, and Callahan is so convinced of Wills’ talent, he’s basically penciled in Wills as the Week 1 starter.

"“I think whenever you draft a player as high as we drafted Jedrick, I have always felt that you have to plug him in and play him immediately,” Callahan said.”"

The Browns have claimed since draft night that Wills was their No. 1 tackle, and while all teams claim they “got their guy,” Cleveland had their choice of three tackles with the 10 picks. You’ve got to figure Wills wouldn’t have been drafted if Callahan had not been a supportive voice.

Even though it looks like the Browns will start Willis, the idea of signing Peters still intrigues. Wyatt Teller and Drew Forbes are likely to fight for the right guard position. It’s obviously the weakest link on the line, and adding a talent like Wills there, with Peters at left tackle, would be a massive upgrade.

That said, the Browns drafted Wills to be their left tackle. Get him in there, and if they think he’s ready, let him start protecting Baker’s blindside.

Few offensive lines in NFL history are elite, 1 through five. The Browns have four Pro Bowl caliber linemen, while we don’t exactly know what Teller and Frobes can be.

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The line as a final product is yet to play out, but one thing is looking clear as day: Don’t expect Peters in a Browns uniform in 2020.