Cleveland Browns: 3 possible surprise cuts that could happen this preseason

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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There always seems to be a team that cut an unexpected name in the preseason from their roster and the Cleveland Browns could be that team in 2020.

Last year, several teams cut very notable players that were either part of their future or were important to their present. Buffalo cut LeSean McCoy. Green Bay gave up on DeShone Kizer and cut him. The Patriots gave the ax to Brian Hoyer, only to then bring him back for 2020 and The Jaguars cut Terrelle Pryor. Heck, the Cleveland Browns cut their starting punter in Britton Colquitt, Seth Devalve, Anthony Zettel, and Braxton Miller.

It’s just a cycle that happens. Even now there are articles being written predicting which major name will be cut just prior or during training camps. It’s even more likely, though not a guarantee, that a long-time Brown gets cut in 2020 due to a new coach being brought in. Not every player on the roster has been evaluated yet. Very few of them have in fact. So there’s little doubt that someone unexpected gets cut.

Now, these players could just as easily get traded if something pops up. Just look at the Miami Dolphins from last year and see how they traded away so many good players instead of just cutting them. The possibility the Browns trade some guys exist as well.

Look at how fast they traded Corey Coleman when they were given a chance. That was a player no one in Cleveland expected there to be a trade market for. So maybe there’s a market for some of these guys at the back end of a future draft selection. Flipping a player you were gonna cut for a sixth-rounder and maybe eating a bit of salary is a heck of a way to get out from under a player you lost confidence in.

These are three names that could be potentially cut regardless