The Browns: is Nick Chubb more important than Myles Garrett? PFF says yes.

Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images) /

Pro Football Focus ranked Nick Chubb higher than Myles Garrett.

The Cleveland Browns have several outstanding players. From top-five wideout Jarvis Landry to top-three running back Nick Chubb to arguably the best defensive end in Myles Garrett (assuming JJ Watt isn’t healthy). The Browns are pretty deep when it comes to top-flight talent. Yet, Pro Football Focus, during their annual Top 50 players countdown, ranked Garrett No. 29, and Chubb No. 27.

Not exactly a huge difference but it does speak some volumes as to whom the outside media views as “the guy” in Cleveland. Garrett is clearly the defensive standout, and Chubb is going to be the engine that powers the offense. Yet is Chubb more vital to the Browns success than Garrett?

Is Nick Chubb more important than Myles Garrett?

That’s a hard question to answer. The Browns defense is entirely suspect at the moment. Sure, Garrett and Denzel Ward are in the top ten at their respective positions but the rest of the other nine are mostly question marks. You know how some will perform but most of the projected starters are guys that need to show what they’re about. The only two names you can rely on to any degree are Larry Ogunjobi and Mack Wilson. Everyone else either needs to up their game or reveal who they’re going to be.

The offense however is more established. Baker Mayfield has shown he can be a top-flight passer, he’s flanked by Landry and potentially three tight ends who could all go for 500 yards. Maybe not in the same year, but still. Not to mention Andy Janovich and Kareem Hunt round out a stacked backfield. That is if Hunt can stay out of trouble.

Neither player is replaceable and both sides of the ball need that specific player to be healthy and performing. So we’ll go with the Jenga method. Which side will fall farther without their respective player?

The Defense was 11th worst in the league last year. If Garrett isn’t on the team, the defense is still terrible. The offense, notably the running game, was pretty solid last year and only got better in the offseason. Unlike the defense, the offense added young, known commodities to fill holes. Meaning there’s less question marks. Since Kevin Stefanski’s is going to a smash-mouth, play action style of offense, if Chubb gets hurt the whole thing comes crashing down.

The defense was already trash, the offense wasn’t. Without Garrett, they’d still be bad. Without Chubb, however, the offense may fall apart. If that’s the angle you want to view this from, then yes; Chubb is more important to the Browns’ success.

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