Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 contracts Cavs should take on for 2021

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Michael Porter Jr.

A couple years truly is an eternity in the world of the NBA. Just think back to six months before the 2018 NBA Draft. Michael Porter was viewed as the potential No. 1 pick until injuries sunk his stock.

Luka Doncic ended up being the biggest find of that draft, and of course, we all know the Cavs ended up with Collin Sexton as a result of the “Brooklyn pick” that was received after dealing Kyrie Irving to Boston.

At the time, I was critical of the Sexton pick. Porter was injured, but I thought the upside was worth taking a chance on. Experts believed Sexton would be a good player, and he’s basically lived up to those predictions.

But is he a franchise changing player? That’s complicated, even more so by the fact the Cavs took another point guard in 2019, taking Darius Garland with the fifth overall pick.

So in their rebuilding efforts, the Cavs took two ball dominant guards who need to shoot.

Porter missed all of his first season, as was expected, but the Nuggets eased him into playing time this past season, as he only averaged 14 minutes per game before play stopped. He’s averaging just 7.5 points, but shooting 42 percent from the field.

Bleacher Report concocted this three-team trade that would net the Cavs Porter, while shipping Sexton out.

Nuggets get Sexton, Love and forward Nassir Little; Blazers Receive: Will Barton; Cavaliers Receive: Porter, Harris and forward Trevor Ariza.

Would the Nuggets entertain trading Porter? As of December, speculation was that he was “untouchable.”