Cleveland Browns: 3 big reasons the offense will be resurrected in 2020

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2. Baker Mayfield and footwork

It was less than 12 months ago when Baker Mayfield came off as the guy who had all the answers. He was coming off a season in which he set the rookie record for touchdown passes.

In the offseason, he was presented with multiple national commercial deals. Heck, Tom Brady passed him rings in that notable “NFL 100” ad.

The Browns loaded up on talent and Mayfield looked like he was going to be the next big thing. Then he went on to throw interceptions. A lot of interceptions. More than he’d ever thrown before. The once accurate Heisman Trophy who we thought had all the answers, had none.

Then, toward the end of whole debacle, Mayfield was asked about imposing this offseason and what changes he would make. When asked if he would hire a private quarterback coach, Mayfield said no, adding the following exchange.

"“I do not need somebody to teach me how to do a three-step drop,” Mayfield said back in December of 2019."

Mayfield may not of hired a private coach, but he’s working on footwork. In the pandemic world where there are no sports to watch, the former No. 1 pick’s feet have been all the talk.

New offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt wants Mayfield to put his left foot forward in the shotgun. the coach wants to see him take some of the “giant stagger step he has out.”

Team brass is making a friendly suggestion, either. As’s Terry Pluto pointed out, by publicly discussing this change in press conference, Mayfield is being expected to make the change.

If it works, Mayfield should go back on the upward trend and leave behind the struggles that plagued him in year two.

Think back to when the Browns ran the zone scheme with Kyle Shanhan as the offensive coordinator in 2014. The system got the best out of Brian Hoyer, who I recall having success running out of play action and bootlegging out the pocket.

I expect to see this from Mayfield in 2020. I think teams were content to let him sit in the pocket last season, and that was a big reason for his slump. He’s at his best when he’s rolling out on a controlled play call.

Ideally, the footwork issue will make it easier for him to maintain balance and give him the time he needs to execute the play.