What we learned about the Cleveland Browns in ESPN’s redraft of the NFL

Cleveland Browns Denzel Ward (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Denzel Ward (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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ESPN posted a column involving the Cleveland Browns where local reporters conducted a fantasy re-draft.

Ever wanted to know where the Cleveland Browns players rank against the rest of the NFL? Well, ESPN posted a column where they did just that. Only they didn’t look at just the Browns players, but all 32 NFL teams in total.

The column was done with a simple idea to keep in mind; draft like you intend on winning a Superbowl in five years. Salary caps didn’t matter, and only the four first rounds would be drafted. Writers had to pick a quarterback, a non-quarterback offensive player, a wild card player, and one mandatory defensive player. The rest of the players would be “average” NFL players randomly assigned. The draft would be a serpentine order. Meaning if you picked No. 1 overall in round one, you’d have the 32nd overall pick in round two.

The draft was done in the same order as the 2020 NFL Draft, meaning the Cleveland Browns would be picking at no. 10 in this little experiment. Who’s handling the team’s picks? Why none other than Jake Trotter of ESPN. Trotter covers the Browns for ESPN. The rest of the local area beat-writers who work for ESPN handled their own individual team for their own individual cities.

So did Trotter do the fans of the Browns any justice? No, not really. Not even sort of. Here’s who Trotter drafted:

"Round 1 (10): Nick Bosa, DE Round 2 (55): Justin Herbert, QB Round 3 (74): Chris Godwin, WR Round 4 (119): Jarvis Landry, WR"

So let’s what we learned from this experiment.