Cleveland Browns should give Larry Ogunjobi an extension after Myles Garrett

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

With Myles Garrett’s deal nearly complete, the Cleveland Browns should give Larry Ogunjobi the next contract extension.

With an extension nearly complete for Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns should be focusing on who to extend next as the team ramps up for the start of training camps. The Browns have several names under contract who are nearing the end of their rookie deal; namely Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, David Njoku, and Larry Ogunjobi.

So who should get the next extension worked out? Firstly, let’s look at who shouldn’t. At least not yet.

Firstly, Mayfield. Mayfield is someone who has all the potential and talent in the world to excel. With a steady coaching staff, and an offense designed to let him make plays as needed, and not perpetually forcing him to do so, Mayfield should improve dramatically in year three. The issue with extending Mayfield, as is with all players in the NFL, is not overpaying for him when you don’t have to. While every player in the NFL should make as much as they possibly can, the team has to worry about the long term effects of contracts on their team. Somone like Mayfield could be worth $30 million in two years, or $3 million. It all depends on how he pans out in year three. Extending Mayfield now would be irresponsible unless you’re sure he’s going to outplay his deal.

The same issues lie ahead for Chubb. As a running back he’s seen as a “replaceable” piece of the offense. Someone that a team shouldn’t “overpay” for. If he puts up another season of 5.0 yards a carry, then he’s going to at least get $10 million a year. What if he doesn’t though? What if this becomes a Todd Gurley situation and he hits a wall overnight for one reason or another? While Chubb should be extended, we’re talking about the next one to be extended. With Chubb, I say you wait until the end of the deal before reevaluating him.

Then there’s Njoku. Don’t extend him. Moving on.

Denzel Ward slipped a bit in year two but he’s already a Pro Bowler and one of the best cornerbacks in the league already. So why hesitate? The same thing with Chubb, you don’t HAVE to extend him right now. You want to avoid eating up as much cap space as you can until you have to. Ward will get paid and paid well, that just doesn’t have to happen today.

So who should be extended?


He’s by no means an All-Pro defensive tackle and he’s barely good enough to be considered  Pro-Bowl caliber. Yet he’s only 26-years-old, he’s averaged 5.5. sacks a game the last two years, and is extremely durable for a defensive tackle. While he’s not Warren Sapp circa 2002, Orgunjobi is one of the few drafted players in the last 21 years to actually produce for the Browns. His deal is up after this year, and can probably be had for a reasonable price increase.

Extending him also helps with next year’s eventual conundrum. The defensive line will need to be re-worked eventually, with Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson proving to be overpaid for their level of production, securing guys like Garrett and Ogunjobi would make rehauling the other two starter positions much easier.

With the defense going more spaced out and playing with three safeties more and more, pass-rushing interior linemen like Ogunjobi are integral to the success of this defense.

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