Cleveland Indians: 3 storylines to follow during the 2020 season

Cleveland Indians spring training (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians spring training (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /
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Baseball is back and these are the three storylines to follow during the Cleveland Indians season.

The baseball season has finally been announced, there will be games played this summer and the boys from the Cuyahoga will be suiting up after all. The Cleveland Indians are setting out alongside every other 29 teams in the Majors for a shot at a playoff birth in this upcoming 60 game season. After those 60 games, then the playoffs begin. With all eyes on the eventual World Series championship.

Whether it’s 60 games or 162 games, the end game of any season is to win the World Series and to get there you usually have to go through a bit of a roller-coaster season. In years past, the season was a long, grueling marathon. More akin to a slow jog over the course of many miles. This year, however, think of the season more like Top Thrill Dragster over at Cedar Point. Fast, violent, bumpy and you’re not entirely sure if you’re getting over the apex of the ride.

With every season, long or short, there come questions about the team. Who will step up, who won’t? What injuries could develop and is this the year where the mascots finally stage their government coup d’etat? I’d vote for Czar Slider. You know, cus I’d have to.

Questions that develop throughout the year, that play a hugely important factor in the season’s identity turn into more of a storyline. A developing situation that ebbs and flows, that changes with each at-bat, or each passing win and loss.

These Indians will have many storylines to follow. Be it the trade of a possible future Hall of Famer, or if an unheralded star will rise from obscurity to take the mantel of Cleveland’s best like others have in the past. So with all that said, these are the three storylines that Indians fans will wanna keep an eye on.