Johnny Manziel says “heart wasn’t in it”, no Cleveland Browns fan doubts him

Johnny Manziel claims his heart wasn’t in football when the Cleveland Browns selected him.

Johnny Manziel never had to speak those words, the Cleveland Browns fanbase already knew it. Manziel didn’t have the heart to be a champion in the NFL. That was evident from the start. Captured by fame and fortune, Manziel was more about highlights and lowlifes than he was about anything on the field. A cautionary tale and one that should always be held close to the chest so fans realize just how good they comparatively have it these days.

Manziel is the bust of busts for the Browns. Lasting part of two seasons, the former Texas A&M standout has never found success in any form of pro football. Not the NFL, the Canadian Football League (CFL), or the Alliance of American Football (AAF). Manziel has flamed out everywhere he’s gone, but now he’s revealing the worst kept secret in the history of pro sports. Manziel told the Lubbock Avalance-Journal that his heart wasn’t in it.

During that time when I got drafted, I didn’t put in the time that I needed to be a great player and I don’t think my heart was in it. And I think when I went back to Canada, it was the same way. I truly believed and truly thought it was what I wanted to do, and my heart wasn’t in it, and it worked out the way it did.

Despite already failing in the NFL and CFL, as well as the folding of the AAF and XFL, fans and pundits still speculate about his return to football. Though it’s gone from “hopefully optimistic” and has turned more towards a Tim Tebow-like, “ok but what if?” Despite all that, a return to football doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the once-vaunted prospect.

I know a lot of people probably want me to come back and play and give it another chance, but I don’t know, as far as being a person and figuring out life as a young adult — trying to make it and figure it out — if I’ve ever been in a better place than I’m in right now. I can honestly say I’m happy and I’m doing the right things to try and put a smile on my face every day, and that means more to me than going out and grinding on a football field.

Browns fans actually have a good quarterback these days, thankfully, making the sting of Manziel’s past less problematic now. Once you move on from your ex, her cold icy words no longer bother you. Such is the case for the once self-crowned Johnny Football. Manziel’s failures and inability to succeed are now solely his burden to bear.

If he can handle that, and be at peace with how his legacy turned out then that might just be the best-case scenario

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