Cleveland Browns: 3 realistic expectations in a David Njoku trade

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A Fringe Starter

For a point of comparison, a player like Sione Takitaki or B.J. Goodson would be the type of player I’m referring to at this juncture. Just someone else’s version of those players. Guys who are good enough to get looks but may not be good enough to get a starting spot. It’s not like the Browns don’t have holes to fill. The Browns intend on running heavy sets on the defense of three safeties or three linebackers. Not at the same time, obviously.

Good news, bad news situation here; the Browns really need a third starting linebacker and arguably a third starting safety unless free agent Karl Joseph can actually earn a starting job. Let alone make the team. At linebacker, the only near-lock the team has is Mack Wilson. Goodson and Takitaki are the next two names to possibly get a start at the position but LSU rookie linebacker Jacob Phillips could also be in the mix as well.

A player like that is going to be the peak value alone for Njoku. He’s not proven to be worth more than that and while yes, has an extra year on his deal to attract teams, what’s that an extra year of? Consistent play? Inconsistent catching? Primadonna behavior? Njoku isn’t exactly known to be Tony Gonzales over here. Not in the context of his play or his team-first philosophy.

Any expectations of landing a current Pro Bowler need to go if you’re just willing to trade Njoku. Sure, there’s a mathematical chance the Jaguars, Giants, or whoever throws a 28-year-old, top of his game player at the Browns but that’s unlikely. It’s happened before, it could happen again. It’s just not very likely.