Cleveland Browns: 3 realistic expectations in a David Njoku trade

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Disgruntled or Oft-Injured Proven Starter

You might, might get a proven starter. With a catch or two. He’ll probably be a 10-year starter. So he’ll have experience. Yet he’ll have also had 10 years’ worth of injuries and issues to him as well. You’ll probably get someone who was great but no longer is, but might still be good enough to push whoever the Browns have at that position.

Maybe they’re still good, but have a huge contract, but no longer good enough to warrant that contract. Maybe they’ll be someone who can change the tide of the game, as long as they’re healthy and on the field to do so. The player will be someone, like Njoku, who’s a risk for the Browns to take on. It might just be a risk worth having.

Also, they probably have some issues with authority and have become a public issue to deal with. After all, why else would he be available?

I know some people would have gone to the “Oh, you mean someone like J.J. Watt!?” idea. No, not like Watt. Watt is still a top ten defensive player when he’s healthy and he’s by far from a malcontent. We’re more talking about an Antonio Brown situation. A player who has/had the skill but is such a wreck either physically or emotionally that bringing them on could be a huge problem.

Right now there aren’t many that one can put a pulse on, besides maybe Njoku himself. Most guys who would fall under that banner were cut or traded already but there’s always a new name that’s about to boil over. Usually, look at whoever Jacksonville has on their roster for a good sign. Maybe the Bengals A.J. Green gets fed up and demands a trade publically.

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