Cleveland Indians: 3 pre-approved potential names for the club

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Here are three Cleveland approved new names for the Indians to consider.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays had an exorcism and ended up in the World Series. Sometimes a name change is good for the soul. Sure, the Cleveland Indians are by no means offensive compared to the Washington Redskins, and not every team that has first-nation ties should change their names either. The Indians aren’t facing the same backlash for their name as they did for the admittedly insensitive Chief Wahoo logo.

The Indians are doing a name change because it’s just time to do a name change. Also, be honest, the name “Indians” is stupid. It’s an outdated and inaccurate term. If the god Shiva was the team’s mascot, at least it’d be an accurate name then. It’s not, and it’s frankly just a dumb name. Though are you surprised? The team was named this back in 1915. Only 35 years after black men were given the right to vote, five years before women could.

Case in point, it’s a term from a bygone era that should go away with it. There are so many better sounding, better looking, and more regionally authentic names that could be attached to the organization. After all, without Ohio, we don’t have compelling elections. Astronauts don’t go into space. Flight as we know it is never achieved.

Ohio is awesome. Cleveland is awesome. So here are three names that have already passed the proverbial muster as team names that deserve another shot at being used again. A future list will look at three original names for the team.