Cleveland Browns trade chatter: David Njoku deal likely happens

The Cleveland Browns will likely trade David Njoku this season, per one longtime writer.

Fans have had a few weeks to digest David Njoku’s trade request from the Cleveland Browns, and while a deal seems like a long shot now, the not-so-distant future isn’t out of the question.

Longtime Browns writer Tony Grossi said that in a normal year, Njoku’s wish would probably be granted, much like Duke Johnson’s trade request was fulfilled at the end of training camp, last preseason.

Grossi noted how Johnson didn’t make big waves, rather, he requested a deal making the case that he preferred to be dealt before the season, so he wouldn’t have to uproot his life halfway through the campaign, via TheLandonDemand (subscription).

‘I think Njoku is following that plan and I think he realizes the team is not long for him, that’s his reality…you have Austin Hooper, Harrison Bryant, and then you have A Harrison and then you have David Njoku. and if you’re the third tight end, you can find others to fill that role, even though the Browns will use multiple tight ends.”

This isn’t your normal offseason though, so the Browns have to proceed with caution, meaning, the organization can’t trust opening the season with Hunter Bryant as their No. 2 tight end.

Bryant, like every rookie, hasn’t been able to get on the field to practice for mini-camp or OTAs. He won’t be putting pads on until mid August, and then he won’t have a preseason to get his feet wet.

That said, Grossi said a deal may come later on, perhaps around the trade deadline.

“I think ultimately he might take into the season, before the trade deadline, before the Browns would part with Njoku.”

As previously pointed out in The Factory, Grossi believes what’s generally being reported, meaning Njoku doesn’t have much value, meaning he could fetch a fifth- or sixth-round pick.

The Browns can still try to sell the fact that he’s a former first-round pick, is still really young and oozes potential, but unfortunately, the production points to a pretty mundane player who was injured most of 2019.

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The NFL trade deadline usually falls at the end of October, but with COVID-19 still impacting daily life, you never know. The Browns are scheduled to begin the season against the Ravens Sept. 13.

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