Cleveland Browns: Drew Forbes and Drake Dorbeck opt out, depth now an issue

The Cleveland Browns depth at guard just got worse after Drew Forbes opted out for the season.

The Cleveland Browns will be without IL Drew Forbes and OT Drake Dorbeck, who became the first two players for the team to opt-out over concerns of Covid-19. While Dorbeck was an undrafted rookie, Forbes was considered one of the key players in a position battle for the right guard spot. Now that Forbes is opting out of the season, the team isn’t just looking for a new backup but will continue to see if they need a new starter as well.

While Wyatt Teller was going into the preseason as the starter, many thought Forbes could push him during training camp. Even if Forbes didn’t get the job, he was expected to be a key backup across the inside portion of the offensive line, as he and Chris Hubbard are both viewed as the primary backups for several positions.

Now the team may need to reevaluate looking at getting another veteran player to come in. Even though Alex Boone may not be the perfect fit, the un-retired veteran may now have a place on the squad if the Browns are seriously interested in another lineman. Which they should be, as there’s no guarantee that Teller is going to be able to play well enough to get through the season.

Dorbeck’s opt-out, meanwhile, is a brave one. There was no guarantee that Dorbeck was going to be on the team following training camp, as most undrafted free agents like Dorbeck often don’t stick. He’s taking a huge risk with his career by opting out and almost ensuring that the team moves on from him. It’s likely the Browns keep Dorbeck around and move him to the practice squad in the meantime, but it’s still a huge risk as there’s no guarantee.

Either way both Dorbeck and Forbes were seen as guys who could maybe make the team as a backup in Dorbeck’s case or as a starter in the case of Forbes. Both opt-outs hurt a position of need for 2020 that simply isn’t where it needs to be yet.