Cleveland Cavaliers free agency chatter: Re-sign Delly?

Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

There’s a case for the Cleveland Cavaliers to re-sign Matthew Dellavedova.

There’s not a whole lot the Cleveland Cavaliers can do in free agency, as the franchise is still well above the salary cap, but it’s probably not viewed as a huge issue in the front office because unless LeBron James is on the roster, free agents, historically, haven’t had any interest in signing with the organization.

The Cavs have some housekeeping to do when it comes to their own roster, which includes deciding which of their own free agents they’d like to try and retain.

Most notably, Tristan Thompson will hit the market once free agency commences, but on a smaller scale, Delly’s contract is up, as well.

The Athletic’s Zach Harper asked, “Is there an offseason re-sign the Cavs must secure?”

While there’s been talk about Thompson sticking around, Harper predicts the big man will move to a contender where his offensive rebounding skills will be invaluable.

So, that leaves Delly, and the scribe believes the Cavaliers should absolutely retain the other 2016 Champion who is still on the roster. His reasoning for making this decision is confusing, though.

"“Ideally, they’d sign Delly to a big one-year deal and then move him at the deadline to a contender looking for a veteran who also helps the books. The Cavs acquire another pick or two while taking on a little money.”"

Great, but there’s a problem: If that were  truly the case, wouldn’t the Cavs have done the same thing prior to last winter’s trade deadline? Delly was set to come off the books and he provided a veteran a presence. While everyone’s favorite Aussie will never have to pay for a drink in Cleveland, I think this writer is overstating his value.

If you want to talk about keeping Delly because the Cavs actually need someone to be a point guard and facilitate offense, then yes, they should keep him. And yes, that is a shot a Darius Garland and Collin Sexton.

Both are shot-happy guards and I think it’s fair to say now that Sexton isn’t a true floor general. The former eighth overall pick looks like he’ll have a long career as a scorer, but the type of point guard the Cavaliers need right now, he is not. That’s OK, as he can score from two spot.

Garland, well, it’s too early to write him off, but it was a rough rookie season.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst believes the Cavs are eyeing James Wiseman in the draft, but if the lotto balls don’t fall their way, they’ll be looking at a top of the lottery loaded with more guards. If they have to take one, I wouldn’t blink if either Sexton or Garland were traded.

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Re-sign Delly. OK. But thinking you’re going to get something for him seems a little out of left field.