Cleveland Browns: Odell Beckham already off on the wrong foot

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

Odell Beckham has always been a headache wherever he went and that doesn’t seem to be changing in 2020 for the Cleveland Browns.

Odell Beckham doesn’t believe there should be an NFL season. While that’s an opinion some share, and it’s not one that’s completely off base, the fact he made it before even reporting to camp shows that Beckham will still speak without knowing the full facts of a situation. That’s going to be a problem for the Cleveland Browns in 2020. In a season where there’s going to be so much criticism, the last thing you need is a talent who’s being a malcontent adding fuel to the fire.

This is the kind of stuff that continues to plague Beckham, acting before thinking. In the Wall Street Journal article, Beckham made sure to not just voice his displeasure, but do it in a way that was bound to draw criticism. Criticism from even his own organization.

"We’re not ready for football season. So why are we trying to push forward? It’s obviously for their money. And that bothers me because there’s always been this—and I hate saying it like that—but the owners’ [attitude is], ‘Oh, we own you guys,’ and just kind of that unfairness going on that they don’t see us as human. I just feel like the season shouldn’t happen and I’m prepared for it to not happen and I wouldn’t mind not having it."

Despite rumors circulating that Beckham could opt-out, he did show up on time to the facilities in Cleveland and has been participating in all of the testing programs so far. This didn’t stop Browns GM Andrew Berry from criticizing Beckham, by telling reporters that Beckham needs to be more “conscious of his words“. Another way of saying that is “thinking before he speaks.”

Beckham may not be wrong about how the NFL is handling this season, everyone seems to be in agreeance that a bubble philosophy should be implemented. Yet for Beckham to phrase his sentiments the way he did, despite the NFL allowing players to opt-out for the year, shows that Beckham isn’t even paying attention to the issues.

When you say purposefully incendiary things like Beckham did, when they’re out and out wrong, shows you that he’s still someone you can’t rely on. Beckham would rather cause problems and kick the proverbial hornet’s nest then play things out or take himself out of the conversation.

If Beckham was that concerned about things, he’d opt-out of the season. He might as well since clearly he’s uncomfortable playing. No one would (should) be upset if Beckham did opt-out. It’s his right and he has the moral obligation to himself and his loved ones to make sure he’s safe and comfortable.

If he’s that sure the season shouldn’t happen, opt-out. No one’s forcing him to play.

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