Cleveland Browns: 4 fastest falls from grace by a player

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The Cleveland Browns have seen stars fall from grace far too often, here are just four of those players from the last 20-plus years.

Some Cleveland Browns players become greats in the eyes of the fans, or come in with all the hype in the world but end up becoming remembered for all the wrong reasons. That’s the issue with these following four names. They all came in with great hype, or put up a season of absolute brilliance before ultimately succumbing to some sort of issue. Guys like Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards, Paul Kruger, Peyton Hillis, Johnny Manziel, Justin Gilbert, Jeff Garcia, and so many others have come in with all the hype in the world and fell falt on their faces.

Whether it was substance issues and work ethic problems, or greed and hubris, these names earned their place on this list. Speaking of which this list will only look at players from 1999 and on. It’s also only a portion of all the names who could end up on this list. This is not a top-four or the top four biggest names to fall from grace.

This is merely just four of the many many players across the Cleveland Browns franchise that have screwed up once-in-a-lifetime chances at success. If you have any other names, feel free to sound off in the comment section below. If this article does well, there may be a follow-up list as well. God knows there’s plenty of names to pick from.

Unfortunately, these types of lists are far more bountiful in options than the alternatives, mostly because of 20-plus years of suck that this franchise has had to deal with. Sure, things look to be turning around now but that’s only recent history, and has still been a struggle to get through at times.

So it’s important to remember where we came from, so we can truly appreciate where we are going. So let’s take a look at four of the biggest boneheads in team history.

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