Cleveland Browns: 5 Browns whose stocks are up at Training Camp

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3. Austin Hooper

It’s hard for Hooper’s stock to go much higher considering the investment Cleveland made in him as a free agent, but Browns’ fans are no stranger to free agents taking the money and disappearing once they put on an orange helmet.

No need to worry about that with Hooper, who’s been superb. If you’re Njoku, no wonder you wanted a trade. Not only have you been passed by a rookie, but now you’ve seen what a No. 1 tight end looks like and you can see your playing time diminishing.

Hooper seems to have formed a tremendous camaraderie with quarterback Baker Mayfield, as he even visited with the former Heisman winner this offseason. These stories crop up all the time, but this is significant, because Mayfield’s playing for his reputation.

Will he be the guy who leads the Browns to the Super Bowl, or is he another Marcus Mariota–someone who’s OK, but not the guy to get your team to the promised land.

With Stefanski loading up on tight ends, Baker Mayfield may have found his new best friend on the field. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Hooper lead the Browns in receptions.