The Cleveland Indians break 2 big records in loss to New York Yankees

The Cleveland Indians got swept by the New York Yankees in two straight games but there was at least something good that came out of the loss.

Life isn’t about who wins and lose, it’s about going forward. So yeah, the Cleveland Indians lost and that is an out and out disappointment. This is a perennial playoff team, however, with a front office that knows how to manage the market and keep the team stocked. Regardless of who comes or goes. So it’s ok to look at the season and take away some good things because they’ll be back competing next year. So let’s take pride in the fact that the Indians didn’t go down easy, because they broke some records along the way.

So there is something to be proud of the squad for.

The first playoff record the Indians broke was actually done by one man, Josh Naylor. Naylor went 4-4  with four hits in the first game of the series against the New York Yankees. He then started off the second game with a hit in his first at-bat. Recording five-straight hits in a players first five at-bats is the first time in Major League history that has ever happened. Naylor was incredible in both game and could’ve been a key piece in the later innings had Sandy Alomar not inexplicably yandked him.

The other record set by the Indians is actually also partly now owned by the New York Yankees. Not counting the rain delays, the two teams played for four hours and 50 minutes. This was the longest nine-inning game in Major League Basebally history.

The previous MLB record holder belonged to an August 18, 2006 game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees at Boston’s Fenway Park. They played for four hours and 45 minutes. New York won, 13-5.

The longest NL game ever was between Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies who set the mark on June 24, 2016. The game lasted 4 hours 30 minutes. The Diamondbacks won, 10-9.

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