Cleveland Browns: 3 players who need to step up against Dallas

Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski /

The Cleveland Browns have a huge test this week against the Dallas Cowboys and in order to win these three players need to step up.

The Cleveland Browns (2-1) have a huge test this week against the Dallas Cowboys (1-2). The Cowboys defensively aren’t great, in fact, they’re worse than the Browns but the Cowboys offense is really dangerous and that’s going to prove to be a problem. Namely, because the Browns defense is the football equivalent of a jalopy automobile. It’s basically held together with bubble gum and old shoelaces.

That’s going to be the matchup that will prove who wins. If the Browns can get a few stops or a few turnovers, then the Browns can outlast the Cowboys in a shootout. The one saving grace is the Browns have played the rushing game well for the most part. Mostly because the Washington Football Team and the Bengals had the worst offensive lines in the NFL. That’s not the case for the Cowboys, but they aren’t focused on rushing the ball as much as they have had in past years. Which is a plus for the Browns front seven.

That’s why it’s going to be important for several defenders on the Browns to step up this week. They’re not the only ones, as the Browns quarterback will have to prove he can lead the team to a win against a good team like Dallas. If he can do just that and not make any mistakes, this could be the biggest win the Browns have had in some time.

These are the three Cleveland Browns that need to step up to beat the Cowboys.

Baker Mayfield

Until Baker Mayfield establishes a long stretch of steady performances against good defenses, he’s going to be on these lists. If Mayfield does to Dallas what he did to Washington, that would be a perfect performance. Two touchdowns and no turnovers in the eyes of many is more impressive than how many yards he throws for. Score points, don’t turn the ball over and move the chains. Any stats beyond that don’t really matter. Just win, maybe?

Denzel Ward

The Cowboys passing offense is really good. Like, really-really freaking good. Denzel Ward is going to have to carry the hopes of the entire Browns defense and that’s not fair. It’s just the way its gotta be. Whoever Ward is lined up against, he has to be a disruptive force. The Cowboys have three receivers with over 200 yards already. Ward can’t cover all three but even taking one out of the equation will help. Hopefully.

Mack Wilson

The Browns made the dumb decision to let Christian Kirksey and Joe Schobert go. Mack Wilson was expected to help the transition from them and negate any negative side effects. Unfortunately, a hyper-extended knee took Wilson out for nearly two months. He played sparingly against Washington but it’s expected that Wilson will play a lot, if not start, against Dallas. He has to show he can replace the coverage skills of the linebackers that came before him. Otherwise, there’s no chance this defense can get this team to the playoffs.

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