Browns: 3 players who need to step up against the Eagles

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With the Browns in the middle of a playoff chase in a packed field, Cleveland needs these players to step up against the Eagles on Sunday.

The Cleveland Browns are going to need to win every game they can if they want to distant themselves from the pack. The AFC playoff race just got crowded in the Wild Card race. The Dolphins have come on and made things harder for everyone else, with the Ravens, Titans, Colts, and Raiders all sitting at 6-3 as well. The playoff race is competitive and the Browns have quite possibly the best schedule to control their destiny.

The Browns have to win this game against the Eagles, and these are the men who must step up in Week 11.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield is going to be in for it on Sunday, as it’s going to be cold (44 degrees) and wet. Another banner day for football in Cleveland. Mayfield and both of the Browns opposing quarterbacks in the last two home games (Dereck Carr and Deshaun Watson) have struggled in the Cleveland weather recently. One game was snowy, the other game was very toronado-y. Now, a third straight game, and the weather conditions are going to be bad.

If Mayfield can have a mildly impressive game at the least, coupled with a win to send the team to 7-3, the town may finally accept Mayfield as their true quarterback for the future. After all, he’s put up better numbers than all but one or two Browns quarterbacks in franchise history, at a certain point even the detractors will need to accept that. A big win on Sunday, with a solid performance, may just be the tipping point to getting the public perception on his side finally.

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