3 Browns players with claim to team MVP

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Looking at the second half of the season, let’s take a moment to discuss who should be the Most Valuable Player for the Cleveland Browns.

With the 2020 NFL season finding its way into the latter half, the Cleveland Browns should start taking the tally of who their Most Valuable Player, or MVP for short, will most likely be as they gear up for their final seven games. The Browns are looking to have one of their best seasons in recent memory, and if they play up to par, their first winning season since 2007. The way they’ll be lead to that winning season is if they allow their key player, their Most Valuable Players, to do what they do best.

The 2020 Cleveland Browns roster is pretty stacked when you look at it. With no shortage of rushing and receiving talent, the Browns also boast a talented quarterback and several talented defensive players who’ve been key to the success that the Browns have seen this year. So that raises the question: Who on the Browns roster deserves the title of MVP as the season stands so far?

With the season only just half over, it’s too early to call a dedicated and true MVP, so we have to add a small caveat to this. Let’s break it down into the three following categories; Midseason Offensive MVP, Midseason Defensive MVP, and Midseason Overall MVP. This way, we can look at the best of both sides of the Browns and also see who currently stands out heads above the whole team.

This is based on compared statistics, dynamic playmaking, and projections for the second half of the season. With all of that in mind, let’s jump into it and see who the Midseason Offensive MVP is as it currently stands.

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