Cleveland Indians trade rumors: Reds emerging for Francisco Lindor?

In Cleveland Indians trade rumors, the Reds appear highly motivated to add a shortstop.

Cleveland Indians trade rumors involving Francisco Lindor will only continue to burn up the hot stove, and Tribe fans got a taste it on Monday.

The Reds appear highly motivated to add a shortstop to the roster and are considering “multiple options,” according to’s Jon Morosi. 

If the Reds go the trade route, Lindor and Trevor Story are options, according to the scribe. If Cincinnati searches the free-agent market, names like Marcus Simien, Andrelton Simmons and Didi Gregorius are names to watch.

The Reds are no stranger to Lindor trade rumors, and they have a history in pulling off trades with their in-state counterpart.

Additionally, while it may not appear the Reds aren’t a likely contender a player such as Lindor or Story, trading for a big name doesn’t necessarily the Reds are thinking long term. Cincy’s trade for Trevor Bauer is the perfect example, as Bauer was superb in his first (maybe last) season on the Ohio River.

He made an OK rotation a really, really good one and ended Cincinnati’s seven-year postseason drought. The Reds couldn’t score when they got to playoffs, but you get the point.

It’s hard to see the Reds extending Lindor or Story should they pull off a trade, as the organization is still on the hook for Joey Votto’s extension (four more years, $95 million).

For what it’s worth,’s Anthony Castrovince thought it was more likely Cincinnati signed Gregorius. It’d certainly be cheaper and wouldn’t take that long of a commitment.

However, perhaps the Reds are looking to make another splash as they did with Bauer. With vaccinations for COVID on the brink of release, baseball owners will likely be selling tickets in 2021.

As Cleveland’s fan knows, Lindor’s play, work ethic and love for the game can captivate a city. It’d be a heck-of-a-way to get fans excited about a season after their team failed to score a run in the postseason.