Cleveland Indians: 3 sad predictions for Tribe in 2021

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3 sad predictions for the Cleveland Indians in 2021

The Cleveland Indians have truly done an amazing job of competing when all of the odds are stacked against them. Chris Antonetti and company can’t spend like the Yankees, so they need to be ahead of the curve in player development.

So far, it’s worked. The Indians have competed for a postseason berth in six of the eight years Terry Francona’s worn the skipper’s hat. They’ve gone to a World Series–came pretty close to winning it in 2016, while setting the record for consecutive wins in 2017.

There’s been Cy Young Award winners, Gold Glovers and some serious contenders for the AL MVP award.

The usually fiscal conservative Tribe is pairing back things even further though, as a lot of teams are, in the middle of a pandemic. With uncertainty surrounding the number of fans who will be attending games in 2021, owners are sure to move forward without taking too much risk.

This offseason just seems different. The Indians could have an opening day payroll around $60 million if they trade Francisco Lindor. They’re pitching staff will keep them in games, but, at some point, the Tribe has to hit.

Perhaps come February I’ll feel differently, but for now, here’s three sad predictions for the Tribe in 2021.