Francisco Lindor trade: Who could Indians deal next?

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

After the Francisco Lindor trade, who could the Indians trade next?

Following the Francisco Lindor trade, which member of the Cleveland Indians is most likely to be on the move?

It’s not a hard one to figure out if you follow the money–MVP finalist Jose Ramirez. It probably won’t happen in 2021, as the estimated $32 million saved by dumping Carlos Carrasco and Lindor gave Chris Antonetti reason to say a “portion of the money saved…will allow him to reinvest in the roster for 2021.”

I wouldn’t expect the Tribe to use the few dollars they do have to bring in anyone who moves the meter all the tmuch.  The Indians payroll currently sits at $36 million. That’s dead last in the big leagues. They’d have to spend $11 million to tie the Pirates ($47 million)–and that’s wishful thinking.

As for Ramirez, he’s a bargain for teams that didn’t shed $102 million since 2018. He’s making $9 million this season, and is due $26 million in his final two seasons.

Paying Ramirez $12 million in 2022 and $14 million in 2023 is still a bargain, but it’s hard to say what the Indians’ fiscal forecast will be considering the uncertainty surrounding 2021. Will the season start on time? How many games will be played?

And will fans be allowed, and if so,  how many?

There is Something, or someone else, rather, who may make it easier on the Tribe to deal Ramirez: Nolan Jones. He’s one of the team’s top prospects. He’s come up as a third baseman. The Tribe is asking him to put his third baseman’s glove down for a shot at the outfield in 2021.

Nothing is certain, though, especially since Jones hasn’t played above the Class AA level.

If he can hit at the big league level, the Indians all of a sudden have options, and considering their cost cutting ways, the organization would love having the versatility to move players around the field.

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Ramirez should be an Indian all season, until proven otherwise, Cleveland will be viewed as a team looking to dump anyone with eight-digit salary.