Indians: Corey Kluber is off to New York, so let’s look back at his most defining moment

The possibility of the Indians reuniting with Corey Kluber ended when he signed with The Yankees, so let’s look back at his most defining moment.

Corey Kluber had one inning of baseball outside of Cleveland. That was just last summer, where he faced three batters as part of the Texas Rangers staff. Kluber was supposed to anchor their rotation for the entire season but he suffered an injury in his first game. Kluber, who was in the last year of his contract, was not retained by the pitching starved Rangers. So he became a free agent and after a workout, the Yankees came calling.

There was a hope that the Indians could bring back Kluber. Team president Chris Antonietti spoke about using the savings from Francisco Lindor to reinvest in the team. So when it was reported the Indians were among those at Kluber’s work out, many believed they were really interested in the former two-time-Cy Young winner.

Maybe they were, but the Yankees signed Kluber to the tune of $11 million. Even if the Indians weren’t cash-strapped, that’s still way too much money for a 35-year-old pitcher who hasn’t been healthy in nearly three years.

Yet, as Kluber moves on to another new city, possibly turning down a reunion in Cleveland in the process, let’s take a look back at what made Kluber so dang popular.

Kluber, you see, was unrelenting. He was never bothered and couldn’t be shaken. Not on, or off the mound. While Kluber’s reputation of pounding pitchers until they struck out was obvious, his reputation for never giving anyone anything, even in the way of a joke, was just as prolific. More than likely led by former teammate Jason Kipnis, Kluber was pelted by sunflower seeds in a clip that defined the attitude that Kluber brought to the team.

It’s that type of unwavering, unshakeable determination that made former Indians pitcher Nick Goody declare Kluber, the King of the North.

The very same crown that now rests on the head of Shane Bieber.