Cavs: 6 free agents to keep an eye on if the injury bug returns

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cavs are competing for a playoff spot if they can stay healthy but if they can’t, these are some affordable options to help them through that patch.

The Cavs are way over the cap at the moment, so signing major contracts just isn’t possible, but the team can sign any number of extra players to the league minimum for up to two years. Now, there really aren’t any players on the market who warrant a multi-year deal but the Cavs could have some roster spots open as the season goes on.

So everyone on this list could probably be had for the veterans minimum.

It all depends on who’s healthy, who’s not, who’s traded, and who’s retained. So if the Cavs get hit with another outbreak of the injury bug, the team may need to look towards some long-term options for the rest of the season.

These are six names the Cavs could afford.

C Alex Len

Alex Len is 27, and pretty much a bust. He’s never been the player he was expected to be coming out of Maryland. If he was going to put it all together, he would’ve by now. That said, if the Cavs need some offense inside, Len is a cheap option.

SF/PF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

The Cavs are a defensive dynamo, and guys like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist would fit really well in the Heart + Hustle Cavs. He’s a terrible scorer but if the Cavs need some help inside or out with defense, Kidd-Gilchrist could fill in nicely.

SF Kyle Korver

The Cavs are 22nd in the league in three-point shooting. They suck. Kyle Korver is 11th all-time in three-point percentages. While he can’t play defense, having Korver on the wing ready to shoot is would be a welcomed asset. Granted the Cavaliers may not need him if Dyland Windler and Collin Sexton become really consistent alongside the likes of Cedi Osman.

SG/SF Iman Shumpert

Another player who can’t score, and probably wouldn’t make the list if J.B. Bickerstaff wasn’t the coach but Shumpert has been such a solid defensive player in his career, that if you add him to the team, he could really help the perimeter defense if someone were to go down for a long period of time. Especially in a system that prioritizes defense.

PG Jeremy Lin

He’s a solid, well-rounded, all-around player that could come off the street and start for Cleveland if Darius Garland gets hurt (or falls off).

G/F Dzanan Musa

Dzanan Musa should be on an NBA team and why he’s not is interesting. He’s so young, and so gifted but hasn’t found a coach or system that would allow him to test his legs. He may not be a great defender but if the team have more injuries at key scoring positions, Musa may be a long-term seasonal option.

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