Cavs: Matthew Dellavedova may have to retire due to concussion issues

Cleveland Cavaliers Delly
Cleveland Cavaliers Delly /

Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova may have to retire this year due to ongoing issues with his post-concussion symptoms.

The Cavs are having a surprising season so far. They’re 10-12 at the moment, while 7-5 at home. They’re not playing perfectly, obviously, and one of their biggest issues has been their guard play. While the current starters of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland are shooting effectively from the floor, that’s about it. They’re turning over the ball, not creaeting enough movement around the three-point line, and are barely taking any threes during the game. Those were all facets Matthew Dellavedova could’ve helped with.

He may not get the chance to.

According to The Athletic’s Joe Vardon and Kelsey Russo, the former NBA Champion with the Cavs is looking at potential retirement due to lingering symptoms from his most recent concussion. Dellavedova has a history of concussions and that history is potentially the reason why he’s not healing properly this time around. That said, Dellavedova isn’t done just yet;

From The Athletic (via Cavs Nation):

"“Those sources indicated that retirement was on the table, if not likely, for Dellavedova, though a source close to him said there ‘isn’t anything conclusive’ about his playing future, he’s under no deadline or pressure to formally quit, and doesn’t want to stop playing yet,” Vardon and Russo wrote."

The Cavs could use a healthy Dellavedova, as he was known for his ability to incorporate players into the offense, was a staunch defender, and sold out for every little play. Something current Cavs players may be able to get a lesson or two about.

Dellavedova isn’t an elite playmaker, nor is his return to this team going to be the final piece needed to turn a squad on the rise into a title contender, but his presence on the team and ability to help secure the perimeter defenisvely would’ve been very helpful.

With Dellavedova and Kevin Love out for most of the season, it’s a curious thing to wonder what the team could’ve done with both of them in the lineup on a nightly basis.

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