Browns Rumor: Cleveland to get new throwback jerseys in 2021

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Nike)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Nike) /

The Cleveland Browns could be unveiling new throwback jerseys for the 2021 season, assuming one Twitter user is to be believed.

There’s a new rumor going around the Browns could be getting new throwback jersey’s in 2021. That is if Twitter user Jase Greenberg really does have the inside track. Greenberg posted a series of tweets talking about a possible reveal of the Cinncinati Bengals jerseys. The Bengals are expected to debut a new look for the first time in about 20 years in 2021.

Should the change happen, then Greenberg really should be considered a good source on all things jerseys. He certainly has photos of everything he claims is coming, but who knows if they’re authentic or not.

If they are authentic, then the Browns are going to be giving the fans a nice peek into the past. The throwback jerseys they are rumored to be debuting are very stylish and harken back to the Otto Graham days.

Adorned with Nick Chubb’s number 24, you can see an old-school inspiration in these new jerseys. The numbers are layered, in what Greenberg describes as “drop shadow”, with an orange base and what appears to be a dark brown overlay.

The sleeves are adorned with brown and orange stripes, and the jersey is of a white base. The front has a patch that commemorates the year the Browns became a franchise, 1946, placed nicely in a white football that has orange trim.

Looking at the jersey really makes you think of guys like Graham and Jim Brown. It has a good design that both captures the past and embraces the present.

Whether or not these are even real is anyone’s guess at the moment. The Browns haven’t said anything officially, but they wouldn’t until it’s time to officially reveal them. This could be an interesting year for the Browns, who could see the NFL relax rules on how many helmet designs a team can have during a season.

The Browns already debuted updated uniforms last year. So if the Browns do get a new throwback uniform and a new helmet design as well, they could really capture new fan’s attention with their snazzy new threads.

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