Cavs: 3 Andre Drummond to Knicks trade scenarios that work

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The Cavs are shopping around Andre Drummond, but so far there aren’t any takers due in part to the contract swap, that’s where the Knicks come in.

The Cavs are having a hard time moving Andre Drummond, and the word on the wire is that it’s due to the Cavs not wanting to take back a massive contract in return. There are a few that are out there but the Cavs may not be interested in an overpaid player. The Cavs could try and make a deal with the Warriors happen, shipping Drummond over for Draymond Green, but Green’s contract and declining play is a non-starter.

So the Cavs have to focus on moving Drummond to a team with space for him, where the Cavs can get back a young player or two in exchange for eating an expiring deal. There aren’t many teams like that.

The Knicks, Hornets, and Thunder are the only teams over the salary cap at the moment and the Thunder would want love to make a deal for Drummond. Not for his skills, but to get Al Horford’s horrid contract off their books.

The Hornets would be a great trade destination in theory, but they don’t have anyone but Malik Monk that the Cavs have a shot at getting, and the Hornets would have to send over Bismack Biyombo and Cody Zeller to make the deal work. Sure, Drummond’s an upgrade over both, but do you want to gut your big-man depth that much, and send over Monk?

That’s a stretch. That leaves the Knicks. So what three deals could be done with the Knicks to send Drummond to the Big Apple?