Cavs: 3 Andre Drummond to Knicks trade scenarios that work

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Why this works

The Cavs would be thieves for pulling this off. It’s not like they haven’t had those types of trades before, (Baron Davis trade that got them the first-overall pick, Jarrett Allen in 2021) and this could be another. While Kevin Knox is going down the bust-path really fast, Obi Toppin would be a heck of a get. Sure, he’s having an awful rookie year, but that’s partly because the Knicks aren’t playing him.

What if he just needs to play, and could develop into something with significant minutes? Toppin seems like he’s going to have a hard time developing in New York, and it’s not like we haven’t seen lottery picks traded during their rookie years in the past. Chauncey Billups got traded midway into his rookie year and he was picked in the top-seven.  The Knicks get back Andre Drummond and two-second round picks that should help ease the burn of getting rid of one rookie. Besides, it’s not like the Cavs are asking for Immanuel Quickley, their rookie who’s actually playing well.

Why this doesn’t

It all comes down to perceived value. Do the Knicks value Drummond more than Toppin or Toppin more than Drummond. You’d have a hard time finding anyone who would argue that the Knicks wouldn’t send Noel and Knox out for a guy like Drummond, but the potential of Toppin is the obvious sticking point. Maybe the Knicks can be persuaded. It’s not like they’re a great match in year one.


In a trade that the Cavs only give up Drummond, this is the best-case scenario. While Knox and Toppin are having their issues, they are both guys who could do something if given regular minutes. If the Cavs go into full sell mode and move on from Kevin Love, JaVale McGee, and Kevin Love as well, then the Cavs will need bodies to eat minutes.