Cavs: 3 Andre Drummond to Knicks trade scenarios that work

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Why this works

Same reasons for Nerlens Noel and Kevin Knox as before. With Reggie Bullock, he’s arguably New York’s worse regular player, posting negative RAPTOR scores in both offense and defense, and ranking among the bottom in all of the Knicks efficiency grades. The Knicks won’t miss him. That’s where the second-round pick comes in.

More than likely Bullock would get bought out, Noel may not re-sign and even if he does he’s a one-way player. Then there’s Knox who could possibly never get any better, so yeah, the need for a pick is important here.

For the Knicks, they get Drummond.

Why this doesn’t

Regular complaint as before, it’s about depth. Do the Knicks feel they’re giving up too much talent to get Drummond. It’s hard to say they are, Drummond’s an upgrade over Noel by a large margin and it’s not like Knox or Bullock are actually game-changers. It makes no sense to not make this trade.


Utterly uninspired and quite possible that it could happen.

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