Browns Draft: The team should consider moving back into the 1st round

Cleveland Browns NFL Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns NFL Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Browns have some holes still to fill on defense in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft and should consider moving back up to the first round.

By now, you should know that anyone picked after the third round in the NFL Draft is more than likely not getting a second contract, at least on the team they were drafted. There are always outliers, sure, but at the end of the day, the best talent is taken in the first two rounds for a reason. That’s why the Browns should move back up to the first round, even if it’s at the back end, to ensure they get a few defensive players worth having.

Here are what the Browns have to offer for the 2021 NFL Draft.

"1st round: No. 26 overall2nd round: No. 593rd round: No. 893rd round: No. 91 (from Saints)4th round: No. 110 (from Eagles)4th round: No. 1325th round: No. 159 (from Rams)6th round: No. 2117th round: No. 257 (from Bills)"

As you can see, the team has a multitude of picks, and honestly, most of the players drafted here won’t see the field. The team already has a pretty good set of depth at most positions, thanks to free agency but it’s not like they’re done. They still need another defensive end, another linebacker, another corner, a wide receiver, maybe a running back, and more offensive linemen.

Can never have enough good linemen.

In the first round, however, they need the best of the best available at two positions in general. One is is a defensive end, and the other is a linebacker. The Browns have the draft capital to move up, as well as some dangling pieces (David Njoku, Odell Beckham Jr., Case Keenum) to help facilitate that as well.

It might take more than just a few 4th and 5th round picks, but maybe a few, plus next year’s third, and maybe Njoku could make the needles.

In a perfect world, the Browns would get Jaelean Phillips and Zaven Collins. Collins can play linebacker and probably would in the NFL, while Phillips would then be at the end, though they are very similar in size. They might both be gone by the time the Browns are on the clock, hence the need to trade.

Players always fall, however. The mocks fans read all the time are largely wrong and rarely ever get anything right. It’s possible that a guy like Collins falls to the second or Phillips goes in the first 10 picks because someone thinks he’s got great upside. You never really know where a player lands, you just gotta hope you can get in there before someone else can.

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