Browns: Calling Baker Mayfield a “bust” is just lazy and untrue

Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Browns Baker Mayfield (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Baker Mayfield was, statistically, one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL season. This isn’t a debate, so don’t argue it. His rating is very obvious. His play was outstanding. He led the team to the playoffs despite constantly having to play with backups on the offense. He beat the Steelers to advance to the playoffs and was one touchdown away from the AFC title game.

Say whatever you want about Mayfield, but to say he’s a bust just shows you aren’t paying attention.

This is all started when The Game Day NFL on Instagram posted a question asking “What Heisman Bust Was the Most Disappointing.” They listed Vince Young, Johnny Manziel, Sam Bradford, Robert Griffin III, and Tim Tebow alongside Mayfield.

Then Mike Clay of ESPN tweeted out that Cleveland had the most talented roster and all they needed was a quarterback. Clay clearly didn’t watch the Browns in 2020.

Let’s be clear if you think Mayfield is great, fine. If you think he’s good but needs to show you another “great” year before you’re satisfied with him? That’s ok. If you think he’s a good “system quarterback” or you think he’s an average starter; fine. There is an argument to make for all of that.

What you can’t say, not with any credibility whatsoever, is that he’s a bust.

Firstly, look at his career stats. He’s thrown 11,115 yards, completed 62% of his passes, has tossed 75 touchdowns to only 43 interceptions, and has rushed for four more touchdowns while catching a fifth.

“But he’s not very accurate!” Tom Brady never hit more than 64% (rounded up) of his passes until he was 30. In fact, Mayfield has thrown more touchdowns than anyone from the classes of 2017 and 2018 besides Deshaun Watson. Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson have not thrown as many touchdowns as Mayfield.

If Allen and Jackson aren’t busts, how could Mayfield be? Heck, he’s arguably a better passer than both of them.

Not only that, but Mayfield has done this through dysfunction. The Bills and Ravens have become staples of consistency with Bills head coach Sean McDermott, who got the Bills to the playoffs before Allen even got there. Jackson’s head coach, John Harbaugh has been the Raven’s head coach for 13 years, and was one of only three head coaches the franchise has ever had (you know, since they slinked away in the middle of the night).

Mayfield has played for four head coaches in three seasons. He’s had three systems to learn and a revolving door of talent around him. He’s had to step up in games where the wind was so bad that there were weather advisory reports to stay indoors in some places in the county.

You don’t need to like him, heck you don’t even need to think he can get the Browns to the Super Bowl, but a bust?!

That’s just lazy.

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