Browns: Drafting a quarterback to replace Case Keenum isn’t a bad idea

The Browns should consider drafting a quarterback to replace Case Keenum

Put down the pitchforks. Read the title, then understand how the Draft works. No one, with any real idea on how the draft works, would draft a quarterback in the 4th round or later to replace their starter. So no, this is not a “replace Baker Mayfield draft piece.” No, this is a response to Ellis L. Williams’ article for where he suggests taking a quarterback.

An idea that I agree with, but not completely. He believes the Browns should get a quarterback in the top 100 picks of the Draft, while I believe it should be in the fifth or sixth round. Both of us have the same reason, however. Get someone in the quarterback room who can take on the backup duties of the team, be intimately familiar with the system and not cost $8 million dollars a year and move on from Case Keenum.

 The Browns have more needs and holes to fill before they get to a backup quarterback. A position, mind you, that could wait until 2022 to draft. The reason why it makes sense to do it this year and not next year is that the Browns have an over-abundance of draft picks and not an abundance of needs. Using their fifth, sixth, or seventh-rounder on a quarterback makes as much sense as drafting two defensive ends.

At a certain point, if the Browns keep all their picks, they’re going to be drafting positions that have no inherent need. So why not get a jump start at replacing Keenum this year? Only after you secure your defense, however. With six picks in the first four rounds, you should be able to address every real need by the fifth round.

What options do the Browns have to replace Case Keenum?

This late in the draft, you’re just hoping to find guys who can make a play, let alone win a game. Names like Peyton Ramsey out of Northwestern or fellow Indiana-based player, Notre Dame’s Ian Book could make sense if they’re there fifth or sixth rounds.

It’s worth noting as well that the Browns have Kyle Lauletta on the roster as well, and if Cleveland is high on him, could be the long-term replacement for Keenum and keep the Browns from using a draft pick on a backup. There’s also former Browns quarterback Kevin Davidson who was considered to be a guy with good upside.