Browns: 30 players that Cleveland should consider on Day 3 of the NFL Draft

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The Browns have six more picks during day three of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Cleveland Browns are nearing the end of the 2021 NFL Draft and there are still six picks the team can make in rounds four, five, six, and seven. The team still has holes to address at the defensive tackle and safety spots, and could also use another linebacker and another defensive end. That’s why those four positions will be given their own page.

The offense is pretty set, with most projects with potential who should be pursued. The team doesn’t need to improve anywhere offensively but the Browns should have some guys on tap that could step up and step in should injuries mount, or if the team makes a decision to move on from some of the more-aged players in the next year or two.

So they’ll be given their own page as a group, where the ten projects will be listed. This isn’t going to be an in-depth thing, just a blurb or two about why they make sense for the Browns.

First up, the defensive ends.

Defensive End

DE Rashad Weaver

Not an overly fast defensive end, but is a solid enough run blocker who can also make tackles-for-a-loss. His size and strength could be an asset.

DE Shaka Toney

An impressively fast prospect for an end, but is a bit smaller than you’d like. Has outside linebacking potential if the defense ever uses a pass rusher from the position.

DE Adetokunbo Ogundeji

Not overly big or very fast, Adetokunbo Ogundeji could be a nice pick to help with the run defense.

DE Tarron Jackson

Produced against lower competition but produced nonetheless. His nine sacks over his last two years and the three straight seasons of double-digit tackles-for-a-loss at least lets you know he can find the ball.

DE Wyatt Hubert

With a rumored 4.65 40-yard dash, Wyatt Hubert could be a huge project to undertake but with decent upside might be worth it.

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