Cavs: Kevin Love saying he wants to be a Trailblazer seems like the perfect way to end the season

Kevin Love may have finally burned his bridge to the Cavs fanbase.

Kevin Love has been given pass after pass by the Cleveland fans since 2014. Once seen as a franchises’ cornerstone piece, he has never been that for the Cavs, even in his prime. We fans though were just happy to have him. He was an All-Star, helped win the Cavs the NBA Championship in 2016, and has even been a charitable man. Yet, despite having two years and some change left on his current contract, Love has made it clear he wants to be a Trailblazer.

Love spoke to Chris Haynes on his Posted Up with Chis Haynes podcast and revealed to Haynes that he wants to be in Portland.

By the way, who wouldn’t want to play with Damian Lillard? Dame is special, he is amazing.

Last straw, meet the camel’s back.

Kevin Love again causing controversy.

If it was just him saying that he’d like to play in his hometown or talking about how much he loves Portland, and that was it; fine. Ok. It’s never just one thing with Love though. Be it tantrums on the court, tantrums behind the scenes, beating up chairs for the crime of being a chair, trying to undermind and get his then-head coach fired, or being accused of faking issues to get out of games; Love has been a lightning rod of controversy in Cleveland for some time.

He and Collin Sexton’s issues are well documented at this point, and neither man look to be the answer to look term stability in Cleveland after a 2020-2021 Cavs season that, in a word, could be described as “pathetic”.

The rumors of Love wanting out of Cleveland aren’t new, they’ve been around for years. Heck, the rumors of him wanting to be in Portland and play with the Trailblazers isn’t new.

The issue comes with the fact that he’s had some of the worst games of his career lately, save for an impressive night a few days ago, and the accusations of him tanking and giving up are becoming harder and harder to ignore. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to play with Damian Lillard; who wouldn’t? There is a problem with saying you want to go “home” when the franchise that has gifted you hundreds of millions of dollars is not seeing any return on investment, leaving many to wonder if he’s grifting his way out of town?

Love seems like a fine guy, but his inability to avoid controversy, as a 30-something, NBA pro of 13 years, really highlights some real concern with him.