Browns: Cleveland could get more for Odell Beckham than Atlanta got for Julio Jones

With Julio Jones being traded, the market is set for the Browns and Odell Beckham Jr.

The Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. have been tied in trade conversations one way or another since receiver arrived in 2019. Beckham is entering his third season with the Browns, and has been anything but an All-Pro since arriving in the land by the lake. For al ong time many wondered what Beckham would be worth in a trade market but we now have a better clue after the Falcons traded Julio Jones to the Titans.

The Titans gave up a 2022 second-round and a 2023 fourth-round draft picks to the Falcons in exchange for Jones. The Falcons also sent back a 2023 sixth-round draft pick alongside their star receiver to the Titans.

Titans Get
Julio Jones
2023 sixth-round pick
Falcons Get
2022 second-round draft pick
2023 fourth-round draft pick

It seemed like the Falcons could’ve gotten more for Jones, as a second and fourth-round draft pick seems pretty light considering who they just traded away.

The market is set for any poential Odell Beckham trades.

Despite Odell Beckham having had four-down years, many believe he’s going to rebound eventually. He probalby won’t, but let’s use that attitude and mindset to our favor. If so many people believe he just needs a new system or whatever, then that means he has more inherent value than he actually has.

Jones is 32, while Beckham will be 29 later this year. So they’re close-ish in age but still far enough apart to factor in Beckham’s more youthful age. Beckham and Jones also have had injury issues lately, but with Jones being older, that’s going to hurt Jones’ value a bit more than Beckham’s.

Stats will also be largely thrown out, as many believe Beckham has been held back in Cleveand (psh, yeah right), so all in all, if Jones went for a second-round pick, you could probably trade Beckham away for a first rounder.

Granted, you’re not going to get a first-rounder from Cinncinati or Jacksonville, as they’re going to be near the top of the draft again, but you could probably get a first-rounder from New Orleans, Seattle or Kansas City.

You could probably get three first-rounders, and Jon Gruden’s house if you trade with the Raiders. Not because Beckham would do well in Las Vegas, but becaue the Raiders are poorly ran.

The debate on whether not to trade Beckham is surely going to continue on until the day actually comes. One way or another, Beckham won’t retire a Browns player, so its only a matter time until the Browns move on from the troubled receiver. If that this year or when the contract runs out is up in the air.

It’s bound to happen eventually, though.