Indians: Looking at 5 trade options that Cleveland could go after

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Indians need help and’s Joe Noga has some ideas.

The Indians need help. The idea of the Tribe going out and getting a huge bat isn’t going to happen, at leats not anytime soon. Maybe someone pops up at the trade deadline but the best name you may see them try to get is Joey Gallo. A move made all the harder by the Padres being interested in him If San Diego does go in on Gallo, what’s the Tribe to do?

Well,’s Joe Noga has some ideas that could help improve the team without breaking the bank or depleting the minors. These aren’t names most fans are going to fall in love with but they may just be what the Tribe needs to get over the hump.

Noga’s list included Khris Davis but as he was designated for assignment, and cost $16+ million, it’s not likely the Tribe will trade for him. Instead, the Indians would probably wait for him to clear waivers and hit free agency.

So who are the other names on Noga’s list?

Evaluating the five players on Joe Noga’s trade list.

OF Mitch Haniger – Mariners

The best option on this list is arguably Mitch Haniger of the Seattle Mariners. He’s a great power hitter (16 home runs, 15 doubles), a solid average (.258), can play all three outfield spots, and oh yeah, only $3 million for the season. As the Mariners are sitting 3rd in the AL West and are two games under .500 at the time of writing the article, it seems more than likely they trade the 30-year-old outfielder for whatever they can.

This is a must-have trade.

0F Anthony Santander – Orioles

Another do-it-all outfielder is the Orioles Anthony Santander. He hits home runs at a far higher rate than Haniger but Santander can’t stay on the field, never playing 100 games so far in a season. Part of that has to do with his high strikeout rate and his low OPS. He’s team controlled through 2024, however, so he may be a moderately long option.

He’s a good idea for the right price.

SP Tyler Anderson – Pirates

Tyler Anderson seems like a body who can get outs. He’s a sub-5 ERA pitcher, so he’s good enough to be put at the back end of a rotation but unless the Tribe makes a considerable investment in the offense first, his near-five ERA is only going to see him take loss after loss as the team sputters with three to four runs per game.

SP Merrill Kelly – Diamondbacks

With an ERA over 5.00, Merrill Kelly isn’t exactly Game 7 material. Noga paints him as a guy who could eat up innings at the back of the starting rotation, and he does have a 2022 option. That said, he’s also not someone that you’d give up much for. He’s going to be 33, and only just got to the Majors at 30.

I’d offer the guy who runs as the Relish during the in-park breaks but not much else. Certainly not Mustard.

SP German Marquez – Rockies

He’s got an ERA under four and is only 26. Yes. For the right price, that is. He’s more expensive than anyone on this list ($11 million+) but he’s also far more talented than either of the two other pitchers that Noga suggested.

If the price isn’t too steep, yes, go after Marquez.

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