Cavs: Will ‘Core 4’ finally win, or just PR Spin?

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2. Cavs PG, Darius Garland

What was said: “Got 3 votes for most improved player and looks like one of the bet players from the 2019 NBA draft class.”

The second-year vet saw his scoring average go up to 17.4 from 12.3. He also shot 4 percent better from 3-point range, finishing with a 49.5 percent conversion rate.

Garland also looks like more a classic point guard, and someone who is more likely to create, compared to Sexton. For what it’s worth, Garland averaged 6.1 assists per game.

His play in year three may give us the answer as to what’s in store. Will his numbers tick up considerably more, or will be be stifled playing alongside another ball dominant guard?

Verdict: Yes. I want to see more. He barely played in college and played his first season coming off major knee surgery.