Browns: 4 fan favorite back up players who may not make the team

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Porter Gustin

The Browns need four defensive ends at least, and Porter Gustin not only fits one of those four slots but he could also play defensive tackle in a pinch. Gustin has proven to be effective against the run game, primarily sealing off the edge on stretches to his side. That said, the Browns still have Curtis Weaver, who they got on waivers. They also signed Takk McKinley and Jadeveon Clowney, as well as still having Myles Garrett.

It’s not that the defensive end position is so stacked that they don’t need Gustin, it’s just that the Browns put a lot of money and effort into acquiring three new defensive ends for the 2021 season. Sure, Weaver or McKinely may be the names to eventuallya get chopped, newly signed free agents aren’t guaranteed a spot on the team, but it just feels like Gustin may be the odd man out.

It’s the same situation that the other three on this list have to deal with, playing at a position that saw heavy investments into them in the offseason. Since the team can only carry so many guys, it feels like some key contributors from 2020 may be on the way out. That could include Gustin.

Gustin, like the others on ths list, would easily be on the practice squad. That is, assuming someone doesn’t claim him first.

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