Cavs: The only acceptable Collin Sexton to Knicks trade we could come up with

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Knicks fans should get used to what a Collin Sexton trade would look like for the Cavs.

Too many New York Knicks fans think they’re going to get a great deal for Collin Sexton, so they keep pitching bad trades that send just Obi Toppin over with a fictitious fourth-round pick from 1968 to entice the Cavs into giving up a good scorer. That’s the problem, they think Cleveland is just going to roll over and offer up their bellies like a dog. They’re not, at least, we hope to the basketball overlords that they’re not going to.

The Knicks don’t have one player on their own, or one high enough draft pick to warrant trading with the Cavs. They have very little in the way of high-value talent and next to no one who would or could be described as an “elite” player. Despite what Knicks fans want to believe, R.J. Barrett isn’t turning into Kevin Durant. Maybe Latrell Sprewell minus the violent outbursts but not Durant. Frankly, the Knicks don’t have one player nearly as good as Sexton, at least not named Julius Randle.

What they do have is over $70 million in cap space. They’re losing a lot of guys to free agency and not all of them are worth bringing back. Maybe Derrick Rose for the right deal but Taj Gibson, Frank Ntilikina, Reggie Bullock? You’re not re-signing them. While guys like Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks are only getting new deals at the right price.

So stack up the trade with a few bodies going both ways and entice the Knicks to see beyond just this year. This version of the team was only ever going to be so good. So why not upgrade?

That gets you in the door but what would a trade for the Cavs top scorer actually need to look like for a deal to happen?

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