Cavs Rumor: Magic and Raptors interested in trading up to No. 3

A new Cavs rumor has the Magic and Raptors interested in trading up.

The Cavs are a source for hot-bed rumors at the moment. Whether it’s trading away Collin Sexton, who they may take in the upcoming NBA Draft, or if players they’re being tied to via free agency or trades, the Cavaliers are popping up quite a bit in the headlines these days. So it’s no wonder that there’s yet another rumor pertaining to the Cavs, but this time with their draft pick. Apparently, the Raptors and Magic are interested in moving up and swapping picks with the Cavs according to Kevin O’Connor of the Ringer.

Not only that, but they’re fielding offers from other teams as well. O’Connor isn’t sure who the teams may be interested in, Evan Mobley certainly is an idea, but what should be noted is that the Raptors and Magic are picking right after one another in the draft, so it’s not a stretch to assume that both teams may be targeting the same guy.

The Magic trade should absolutely happen if they’re willing to play ball

The Cavs are rumored to be interested in Mobley as well, which might be the right pick. The problem is that Mobley just doesn’t fit in the rumored future of the Cavs. The team is currently looking at re-signing Jarrett Allen to a big deal. Why would you use a high draft pick on a guy who plays the same position as one of your proposed franchise stars?

So it’s either not going to be Mobley, or they’re not going to re-sign Allen. After all, Isaiah Hartenstein has earned his playing time, you can’t really roll three-deep at center these days. The same argument works for someone like Jalen Suggs, if you’re going to keep Darius Garland and /or Collin Sexton, what’s the point in drafting him?

So the Cavaliers should absolutely consider trading with the Magic if the right deal is on the table, assuming Sexton is being traded and Allen is being retained. The ideal trade would be the Cavs’ No. 3 overall picks for the Magic’s No. 5 and No. 8 picks in the 2021 NBA Draft.

We see quite often guys taken outside of the lottery fail to turn into something worth bragging about. Yet, guys in the Top 10, even if not All-Stars can often turn into great pieces, so getting as many as possible is a shrewd idea. The Cavs would be wise to consider dropping from three to five in the draft order if they get that second top-10 pick in the deal.

If they can get a guy like Suggs and Gonzaga teammate Corey Kispert in the same draft? Then the Cavaliers will have set themselves up for success. Even Jonathan Kuminga and Franz Wagner would help bolster the team. Kuminga and Suggs, Kispert and Wagner, really any combination of the four would be fine. Personally, it doesn’t feel like a big drop-off of talent from the top three to the top five or so. Plus, the most touted don’t always turn into the superstars they’re touted to become.

It’s the best move possible. The last thing we need is another Anthony Bennett situation.